Locks of Love vs. Pantene Beautiful Lengths

I was growing out my hair for a year and a half to donate it, but I needed to do some research about what organization would use my donation more responsibly.

Prior to a standard Google search, I had never heard of Pantene’s hair donation program called Pantene Beautiful Lengths. While Locks of Love makes wigs for children with various conditions, Pantene provides free wigs to women who have lost their hair through cancer treatments only. Here is a chart that covers the basic differences between the two groups:

Locks of Love

Pantene Beautiful Lengths


Children under 18 with long-term hairloss from the autoimmune disorder alopecia areata, other skin disorders, burns, and cancer treatments Women with cancer treatment-related hairloss

Required Hair Length

10 inches or more. Accepts shorter or otherwise unsuitable hair, but will sell it to undisclosed partners

8 inches or more, does not sell hairpieces

Cost to Recipient

Cost of hairpieces determined by the recipient’s income


Gray Hair Usage Yes, but will sell to undisclosed partners


Both organizations will send you a confirmation card if you provide your information. To learn more about how to donate and the ways that each group prepares the wigs and manages their company/charity, visit their respective websites for Locks of Love and Pantene. Charity Navigator has not reviewed Pantene Beautiful Lengths yet, but here is their review of Locks of Love.

I chose to give to Pantene Beautiful Lengths because of their transparency and commitment to providing free wigs for cancer patients. While specifically choosing to support cancer victims is personal, I insist on supporting groups who provide free services and products regardless of economic status. In this case, Pantene is a clear choice for me: cancer patients benefit by receiving free wigs, and I receive confirmation that my hair will belong to a survivor instead of an undisclosed recipient or company, like Locks of Love does with hair it deems unfit for hairpieces.

Locks of Love’s least expensive offer to my friend who was a cancer survivor at fifteen years old was $1,300 for one hairpiece. While they may have fewer opportunities to raise money compared to a multinational company, I prefer to support a charity that provides equal opportunity to all recipients.

I recently sent in my 9 inch ponytail to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and feel confident that someone will benefit from something that, 1. I do not need on my shoulders, and 2. will directly, without any cost, make her life a little less chaotic.

I hope this review helps choosing between the charities easier, whichever route you choose. Did you recently send hair in? Let me know in the comments how the process went and what you decided, I would love to hear about your decision and experience!


One comment

  1. Angie

    My 5 yr old daughter’s (now almost 12) 1st major haircut was sent to Locks of Love. We have since cut it (10in) 3 more times which have never been mailed. The 1st time the salon sent it for us. I am debating on donating mine currently & just found the Pantene Beautiful Lengths. So excited to be sending 4 donations (mom&child) to such an organization! …on top of the fact I’ve loved Pantene products.

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